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The Whoo - A modern tribute to the music of The Who

From it’s inception in 2008 the show and the set have been based around more recent live Who shows and in particular the 2000 show at the Albert Hall and the 2002 World Tour.

The continually growing set spans the decades and includes all the expected Who classics like Can't Explain, Anyway Anyhow, My Generation, Won't Get fooled Again, Who Are You through to You Better You Bet and although it's based loosely around the Who's "greatest hits" the set also includes the highlights from their seminal albums Like Tommy, Who's Next and of course, Quadrophenia. The set is usually broken into sections reflecting the evolution of the band through it's 60's roots, the innovation of Pete Townshend's writing during their "highs" of the 70's and the maturity of the remaining original members with the new recruits of latter years.

Its 100% live and 100% Who. We guarantee you won't be disappointed!!

We like to impress that we are not a look-a-like band, "this ain't no stars in your eyes gig". This is a tribute in the true sense of the phrase, to some of the finest storytelling in British music history. We don't pretend to be The Who although we do "tip a nod" and dress in clothes appropriate to the occasion but more importantly, we play the way the Who have always played - live and with passion! This in our humble opinion, is the only way it should be!

Our emphasis is definitely sound-a-like and our aim is for the audience to leave having seen and more importantly heard, the most authentic sounding Who tribute in the UK!

The Whoo - The UK's top modern Who tribute band.

Here's what the press say.........

"For my money, by far the best Who tribute
about" - Scooterist Scene Magazine

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